The Future of The Film Industry?

25 Aug The Future of The Film Industry?

Does Netflix and the Internet make it so that people watch more movies or less movies than they used to? Is the problem not that less people are watching your films but instead that less money is being made on them (because of streaming etc., in proportion to what is spent)? If that’s the case, when the costs of filmmaking are brought down to bare minimums with the future of technology will the industry again balance itself out? Albeit lean itself out, lessening the amount of people required to produce the product…essentially making things insular, which is bringing things back to the old studio system again but in the present (though still many more options; because there will be many, many studios and not the monopoly it once was)? They say industries are cyclical.


This might actually be what’s going to happen. I’m very intrigued by this thought, more than usual, lol. Maybe films no longer make billions for the thousands it requires to make it, but millions for the dozens.

They say industries are cyclical.

You’ll still be rich, don’t worry. And more people will see your stuff than ever. Remember, there are still 3 billion people who have yet to have access to the Internet, who will in the next decade.

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