The Creators

About This Project

The Creators was selected as part of NASA’s Project Stargazer, a program searching for innovative stories featuring Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The Creators is an Amazon Bestselling Book series, a comic book and also a feature film series to be. We have two more films we want to do before The Creators, but this is the one we’re most excited about.


Longline: A saga centered around two young lovers (inner-city kids on Earth) who discover that they used to be Creators (infinitely powerful spiritual beings capable of creating realities and controlling matter, energy, space and time) who once upon a time built the universe’s most dangerous technology — capable of destroying the human spirit. They find that they must take responsibility for the universe in which they live, for what they have done, and what they can become, in order to save all existence as well as their eternal love.

Fantasy, Film, Science Fiction