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The Sleep: Survival Horror


A group of friends are forced through a supernatural psychiatric experiment on Halloween Night where they must survive real-life horrors as well as those unlocked deep within their minds.

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The movie began as a “haunted houses come to life” story, imagining what would happen if young adults went trick-or-treating and the props came to life, killing them. During the writing of the screenplay, amidst a wave of mass shootings in America, Devin, who had experienced a shooting at his school as a child, was deeply disturbed and influenced by their prevalence. He infused his feelings about the issue into the movie, shaping it into what it is today.

Devin Rice
Devin Rice
Devin Rice, Jacqueline Rice
Exec Prods:
Rosa Tran, Roberto Banke
Devin Rice, Stephanie Pearson, Jacqueline Rice, Casey Leach, Kaylah Pantaleón, Samantha Jean, Chris Cleveland, Kendall Chappell, Jordan Wilson, Giselle Torres


"Definitely messes with your mind and keeps you guessing."

"It definitely messes with your mind and keeps you guessing on what’s going to happen. I really enjoyed the characters and how they worked well with each other."

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"Evil Dead on drugs. Literally."

"LOVED THE MOVIE LOVED THE ACTING SO MUCH. Best way I can describe it is Evil Dead on drugs. Literally. Non stop action."

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"Something VERY good and special."

"love the message, we live in a world with waaaaaaay to many people on prescription drugs and horrible side effects mostly ignored by society. awesome job guys! you have something VERY good and special here."

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"A fresh take on psychological horror."

"A fresh take on psychological horror, with an action/adventure, dark fantasy vibe and that it’s nonstop intense from start to finish. The ending was awesome, the performances were amazing, and the intensity delivered throughout the entire movie!"

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"Fun filled horror film."

"Fun filled horror film that gives me Barbarella meets black mirror. I liked the twist and focus on mental health and psychiatric drugs.

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"I thought it was brilliant. How fitting it is considering the psychology behind it all and is being in the middle of a pandemic and faces with mental struggles unknown to us prior. It was well executed, and everyone gave a wonderful performance."

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"Very real. It made me think."

"It was very heavy and something that is true and distributing to me as it's real. Very real. It's kind of not like other movies in that genre because it's got that reality factor in it. More than people know. It made me think."

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"Definitely messes with your mind and keeps you guessing."

"It definitely messes with your mind and keeps you guessing on what’s going to happen. I really enjoyed the characters and how they worked well with each other."

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"Chilling and disturbing."

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"A terrifying murderous nightmare."

"A terrifying murderous nightmare. I was very impressed w the acting I believed this was really happening to them. I thought the mass shooting connection w prescription drugs was spot on and an incredible issue to open them discussIon. However being I am directly affected by a mass shooting that occurred in my community, I was sensitive to the subject. I thought the undertone of prescription meds being the cause of mass shooting was spot on and the truth to our reality and the way you wrote it in was brilliant ! Bravo! Bravo!!"

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"Very fun to watch!"

"A fun ride. Started heavy and hard, and just keeps rolling with the crazy. Very fun to watch! A lot of twists and turns."

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"A fascinating topic."

"I liked the concept of how psychology and adaptive behaviors affect the decisions we make and therefore our personalities. Also, besides Devin and Jacqueline being great in their roles (not just saying that, its true)--the actress who plays the Riley is insanely good in her role! Use her for future movies, she is bomb. I also really liked the score and the sound effects which often makes or breaks a good scary movie. I think the discussion of drugs that alter our neuropsychiatry in itself is a fascinating topic. Doctors tend to want to heal (well, not in this movie lol) but sometimes our meds don't have the desired effect and I think its important to explore that concept. "

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"Kept me hooked from the beginning to the end."

"The movie takes you on a suspenseful ride. It kept me hooked from the beginning to the end. It made me want to discuss it with someone lol. Just how at times it messes with your mind, but keeps you pulled in, trying to figure out what is going on. Overall Great film, acting, makeup special effects, and I can keep going on. I loved the Originality of this story which sadly some horror films are lacking nowadays."

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"A thought provoking movie."

"A thought provoking movie. It makes u wonder if that's exactly what is being done to ordinary people, in todays society... I think there is definitely some truth to it, actually...(imo).. a very well directed film & a superb cast... they did their job, by portraying believable realities , in their characters, among the roles & parts, they are playing... I, myself, give it four & a half , out of five stars.."

Marina Martin
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"This was an insanely intense movie bro, phenomenal."

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"Two thumbs up 👍.. wicked ass movie 👹"

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"OMG remind me to never ever take anxiety and depression meds 🤯 f**k drugs 🤐"

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