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The Sleep Goes Viral On TikTok With Millions Of Views

Our movie has caught the imagination of millions on TikTok, garnering millions of views and thousands of comments that have thrust us into the spotlight alongside cultural phenomena like “Stranger Things.”

How It All Started

Our journey to virality began with a strategic move to share behind-the-scenes clips and captivating moments from the movie on TikTok. Our first video, which featured an intricate stunt sequence, raised the question among fans: “Stranger Things or Spider-Man?” This hook resonated massively, especially as it coincided with the fresh release of “Stranger Things.” The clip was set to Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”—a song that has seen its own resurgence on social media—and viewers couldn’t help but draw parallels between our visuals and the nostalgic vibe of the Netflix series.

Viral Moments

The Initial Buzz: The first video posed a playful question to the audience with the hook “Stranger Things or Spider-Man?” and immediately went viral. The scene’s complex wire stunts and green screen magic led to a flood of comments, with top comments like “POV Gwen Stacy” and playful fears about Nancy from “Stranger Things” falling into the upside down.

Watch the viral hit here

Engaging the Audience: Our response to a user’s comment in the second video kept the momentum going. By engaging directly with the audience’s theories and reactions, we added fuel to the viral fire with the hook “THAT’S NANCY 😱😱”, which sparked even more debate and interaction.

See our response to fans here

A Spooky Surprise: Perhaps one of the most talked-about clips was our ghost scene filmed aboard the Queen Mary. Dubbed as “we were filming a ghost scene on the queen mary and then this happened,” this video captured a genuinely eerie moment that shocked both our crew and the viewers. The unexpected appearance of mysterious passengers perfectly timed with our scene led to rampant speculation about paranormal activity, enhancing the mystique around our movie.

Experience the chill here

The Impact of Going Viral

The virality of these videos on TikTok has not only increased awareness about “The Sleep” but also connected us with a vibrant, engaged Gen Z audience. The cultural resonance and comparisons to “Stranger Things” highlight our success in striking a chord with fans of supernatural and suspense genres. By leveraging trending music and tapping into the zeitgeist, we’ve created a series of memorable moments that have expanded our reach far beyond traditional movie-going audiences.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes content and be sure to catch “The Sleep: Survival Horror (Part One)” if you haven’t already. Join us as we continue to explore the power of storytelling mixed with a bit of social media magic!

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